Jerusalem artichoke risotto a la polita

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Jerusalem artichoke risotto a la polita

With meagre confit and hot foam of egg and lemon sauce

by Alexandros Tsiotinis


For the fish:

1,5kg meagre
300g burnt butter
Piment d’espelette

For the “risotto” a la polita:

50g topinambur diced
15g fennel diced
15g shallots diced
10g fresh onion sliced
10g chickpeas dehulled
20g carrots diced
5g garlic sliced
20g rice puree
20g parmigiano Reggiano
20g butter
Zest of 2 limes
Lime juice
Dill diced
Fennel leaves sliced
100 ml fish broth

For the egg and lemon sauce:

5 eggs
1 yolk
80g heavy cream
250g butter
500 ml fish broth

For the fish broth:

2 kg bones and fish heads
300g white shallots
300g carrot white
250g leek
125g celery
125g fennel
35g tomato paste
150g olive oil
2 lemon peels
½ pack of basil
1 spoon dry coriander
2 white mushrooms

For the serving:

Borage chickpeas sprouts

For the fish:
We cut the fillets of the fish, season it and pour piment d’espellete. We put it in a vacuum bag and cook it for 5 minutes at 75℃.
For the risotto a la polita:
We brown all the ingredients but the chickpeas, in butter for several minutes at low heat. We quench with broth, slow cook it and when it’s ready we put the rice, butter and parmigiano to give a creamy consistency. Finally, we adjust the flavor with salt, pepper, lemon zest, herbs, lemon juice and then we add the chickpeas.
For the egg and lemon sauce:
We mix the eggs with the yolk and the heavy cream; we add the butter in small pieces and seal airtight. We cook for 30 minutes at 63 ℃. We open the bag, add 500 ml fish broth and 0,2g of Xanthane, then stir with a beamer. We pour the whole mix into a siphon and put two cartridges.
For the fish broth:
We put all the ingredients together and we leave them overnight to marinade. The next day we separate the bones from the other ingredients and we sauté them by their own, pulling out the lemon peels and the basil. We put all the ingredients into the pressure cooker and cover with water. We put the pressure cooker into the heat and when it starts to whistle, we lower the heat and let it for 40 minutes to slowly boil.