Sea bream tartare

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Sea bream tartare

With tarragon pesto, kombu marmalade and Kalamansi lemon sorbet

by Alexandros Tsiotinis


For the tarragon pesto:

100g tarragon leaves
8g ice
8g almonds
80g olive oil
Lemon juice

For the Kalamansi sorbet:

290g water
115g glucose
170g sugar
6g super Neutrose
385g Kalamansi puree
Zest of 2 lemons

For the tartare:

100g sea bream
Bergamot oil
Piment d’espellete

For the kombu confit:

500g water
250g kombu (left to wet for 24 hours)
200g sugar
60g lemon juice

For the tarragon pesto:
We put all the ingredients into the thermomixer until the mix becomes homogeneous.
For the Kalamansi sorbet:
We boil all the ingredients except from the Kalamansi and leave it overnight in fridge. The next day we add the puree and homogenize with a beamer. We share it into pacojet bowls and leave them for a night.
For kombu confit:
We cook at low heat for about an hour until it starts thickening.