Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO)

The privately owned, nonprofit Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization was established in 2016 with the primary aim of fostering the growth and development of its members. Representing approximately 80% of the Greek aquaculture industry, HAPO is self-financed through the contributions and donations of its members, to whom it provides a wide range of active support in terms of collaboration, development, advice, problem-solving, networking, training, liaison with authorities and more.
The organization’s mission is to firmly establish the Greek identity and highlight the exceptional characteristics and competitive advantage of the fresh Greek fish branded “Fish from Greece”, raised with the utmost care by its Members in the most ideal locations of the country’s unspoiled seas.

European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax)

One of the most popular species, Sea Bass, also known as sea wolf (Loup de Mer) due to its swimming speed and agility, has a silver-grey color, with occasional blue-black spots along its flanks. Its fine, flaky meat, low in fat content and high in healthy nutrients, is ideal for filleting and gourmet dishes such as sea bass carpaccio and tartare. When served steamed, roasted or sautéed, with a light Greek extra virgin olive oil & honey-mustard sauce and fresh vegetables, its mild delicate flavor is enhanced.

Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus Aurata)

Bright silver with a black spot at the beginning of the sideline above the gills and an orange spot below it, it takes its name after the bright golden arc on its forehead. Harvested daily from the crystal-clear Greek Sea, it is a delicious and nutritional fish with moist flesh and a rich, sweet-savory flavor. Highly regarded by Greek chefs, it may be served grilled, roasted, sautéed or barbequed, drizzled with Greek extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice and a side dish of freshly picked vegetables.

Pagrus or Pagrus Spp (Pagrus Pagrus)

Highly regarded and firmly on the A-list of Greek restaurants because of its delicious taste and high nutritional value, it is one of the most popular fish in the Mediterranean region, easily distinguished by its curved back of vivid red color and a white silver belly. Due to its white, tender meat and mild, sweet flavor, it is a versatile fish excellent for hearty fish soups, roasted, steamed or simply grilled and dressed with Greek extra virgin olive oil, drops from a fresh lemon, and a dash of sea salt flakes for extra flavor.

Meagre (Argyrosomus regius)

Reaching almost 2 meters, meagre is a large, high quality and lean fish high in protein, that can offer us big, succulent and juicy fillets. Gifted with a delicate clean flavor, fine texture, and moist flakes, it may be prepared in a variety of ways steamed, roasted and grilled. Simply served with a buttery sauce, a fresh green salad and boiled vegetables, meagre is also becoming particularly popular with restaurants serving sushi, sashimi or ceviche, the Latin American seafood dish, one of the major food trends of the last years.

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