Food Expo Greece

March 2023

HAPO’s presence at Food Expo from the 18th-20th of March was very successful. Αt HAPO’s renewed stand at Food Expo, a unique meeting point for its 21 members, partners, customers and political leadership in an atmosphere both celebratory and professional, hosts and guests had the opportunity to discuss, exchange opinions and to finalize national and global agreements that promote aquaculture and the economy of Greece.

The two discussions curated by HAPO for Food Expo “Greek Fish- great taste, supreme nutrition” and “Greek Fish- pairing fresh fish with the right wine” had a great success, hosting Greek celebrities specializing at taste, nutrition and wine, such as Lefteris Lazarou, Ted Lelekas, Dina Nikolaou and many more selected speakers.
Fresh fishes from the clean Ionian Sea, were prepared by skillful chefs, tasteful and selected appetizers that the guests enjoyed, paired with the subtle notes of the wines offered from “Nemea Winery”.


All the related expenses of the presence and participation of HAPO and its representatives at Barcelona’s Exhibition are co-financed through FMOP 2014-2020 ( MEASURE 3.4.1)