HAPO’s speech at the conference of the University of Patras

November 2019

Invited to speak at a conference organized by the University of Patras



“In the Pisces Constellation: HAPO’s ambitious and realistic vision for the future of Greek aquaculture” was the title of the speech delivered by HAPO’s MarCom Director Ismini Bogdanou, at the University of Patras conference organized by its Laboratory of Distributed Systems and Telematics earlier this month. The Lab participates in the “Improving policies to boost SME competitiveness and extroversion in EU coastal and rural areas, where aquaculture is a driver of the regional economy (EXTRA-SMEs)” project, within the framework of INTERREG Europe.

The EXTRA-SMEs project brings together 8 regions from 7 countries with the aim to expand rural and coastal SMEs to broader markets through improved administrative procedures and innovative technologies, with the main objective of promoting their products.