Truck-canteen for professional fishmongers: First appearance

July 2019

HAPO’s Fish from Greece brand presented to whole-sellers, retailers and fishmongers


HAPO’s collective signature “Fish from Greece” was presented for the first time to one of its key audiences -whole-sellers, retailers and fishmongers- at the Keratsini Sea Food Market, near Piraeus, where the branded Fish from Greece truck made its first appearance, serving delicious recipes featuring fish from HAPO member-fisheries: sea bream, sea bass, pagrus and meagre.

In the immediate future, fish produced at HAPO members’ fisheries that have received the Private Certification Protocol “Fish from Greece” will bear the “Fish from Greece” tag that guarantees their freshness, nutritional value and taste, as well as the transparency that characterizes the operation of HAPO and each of its members.

The event at the Sea Food Market is the first in a long series of marketing activities that will unfold in the Greek and Italian markets in the next months, as part of HAPO’s long-term marketing and communication plan.