Promotional Campaign in Italy

October 2019

Italian journalists and influencers experience Fish from Greece firsthand


Two groups of Italian opinion leaders – journalists and influencers – witnessed the transparency of the Greek sea along with the transparency of the principles and practices of the fisheries that produce Fish from Greece, during familiarization trips organized by HAPO’s Marketing & Communication department and fisheries of member-companies.

The Italian visitors saw the crystalline waters where Fish from Greece are bred, experienced every stage of their production, from reproduction to packing and, of course, enjoyed the freshness and exceptional taste of the fish, cooked the traditionally Greek way: grilled to perfection, by the sea! They were suitably impressed and have begun to share their experience with their readers and followers.

Meanwhile, Fish from Greece is already active in Italian social media with its own account on Instagram and the final touches are being put on a series of promotional activities for the Italian market, to be implemented in November and December 2019.