August 2021



The Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) partners with the Center for Dietary Support and Metabolic Control APISCHNASIS-LOGO DIATROFIS by Dietitian – Nutritionist Mr. Dimitris Grigorakis for the second year. Through a series of articles and infographics, created by the scientific team of APISCHNASIS and posted on the health and nutrition website logodiatrofis.gr, readers will have the opportunity to learn more about fresh Greek farmed fish and its many health benefits.

Greek farmed fish is produced in HAPO’s members’ high-tech aquaculture facilities, in accordance with strict European regulations and the Private Certification Protocol FISH FROM GREECE. Its purpose is to ensure the superior quality of fresh Greek aquaculture fish, exemplify responsible practices and reinforce the position of Greek aquaculture producers in both local and international markets. HAPO’s members’ sea bream, sea bass, meagre, amberjack and pagrus major are valuable sources of vitamins, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids, essential to the human body. Biweekly fish consumption is proven to fortify the immune system, lower the risk of cardiovascular and autoimmune disease and improve brain function.

HAPO stands by consumers with respect and a strong sense of responsibility. With the scientific guidance and supervision of Dr. Grigorakis and his team, the Organization aims to showcase fresh Greek aquaculture fish as an integral part of a nutritious and healthy diet.