Greek Aquaculture welcomes students of primary school

June 2023

Tuesday 30 May-The warm spring weather was an advantage to the field trip of 30 sixth-grade students of the “Interactive European School” to “Argosaronikos Fish Farms,” member of the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO), located on the edge of a pine forest in Salamina, overlooking a bay with sparkling, transparent sea, rich in biodiversity.

Through a fun treasure hunt game, the students were informed by specialized staff on each stage of the production process from fish to plate and demonstrated great interest with smart questions. The field trip was rounded-up with lunch, fish soup, grilled seabream and fried potatoes, a real picnic under the large pine tree next to the beach. Upon departure, the children took their loot bag, a fish carton of seabream they packed themselves, rather a gift for parents.

This pilot event, designed and implemented by HAPO and “Argosaronikos Fish Farms,” aims to inform children, and by extension their parents, on the Greek farmed fish growing in their natural environment, the Greek sea. It will be followed by several visits throughout the country attended by students of all ages. Not only does Greek fish farming produces fresh, flavorful, healthy, and high-quality fish, it also offers thousands of job opportunities in various sectors. Who knows, following their visits, the older children may decide to pursue studies related to the sector and embark on an exciting professional career.