HAPO participates in the new docuseries of Reuters with the United Nations, Ocean Titans

May 2023

HAPO participates in the new docuseries “OCEAN TITANS” created by the World Ocean Council (official observer of the United Nations’ Oceans – 35,000 members). It showcases top academic leaders, United Nations representatives, policymakers, and industry leaders – all those who are shaping a new course for the acceleration of the “Ocean Action Decade” in ocean conservation, with innovative, legislative, and strategic solutions. The series will present the science and business of the oceans, capacity and skill development, and the importance of implementing UN SDG 14, specifically those directly related to the ocean.

HAPO team visited Astakos and Vonitsa with the Special Interest Films team, in collaboration with the World Ocean Council, to create this campaign focused on the ocean dimension of all the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The video was broadcasted and will be distributed on reuters.com through their global digital network for 12 months, reaching 10,000 guaranteed unique viewers in the first two months and over 1 million views. It will be promoted as well, through newsletter to the 35,000 members of the World Ocean Council (WOC). Additionally, it will be hosted on

You can watch the video here