January 2023

Tuesday, January 24 – The project “EXTRA-SMEs: Improving policies to boost SME competitiveness and extraversion in coastal and rural areas where aquaculture is a driver to the regional economy”, which is co-financed by the Interregional Cooperation program INTERREG EUROPE, has been completed.

The Region of Peloponnese, as the Lead Partner, organized the final Conference of the project. Representing the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO), Mr. Leonidas Papaharisis’ (Coordinator of the Technical Committee), presentation was titled “Towards a sustainable and competitive aquaculture sector”. The regional governor of Peloponnese, P. Nikas, stressed the prospects of fish farming and the steps to be taken, pointed that Peloponnese has the largest percentage of active fish farms in Greece – in Corinth, Argolis and Arcadia – and noted that even though aquaculture covers market’s needs for fish food, it is not receiving the appropriate support.