HAPO trains tomorrow’s cooks at IEK OMIROS and CHEF D’OEUVRE culinary schools

December 2019


Continuing its efforts to raise awareness regarding Greek aquaculture, HAPO is investing in long-term partnerships with culinary schools, starting with CHEF D’OEUVRE and IEK OMIROS for 2019.

The partnerships include sponsorship in kind of the schools’ cooking workshops with the provision of fish tagged Fish from Greece, as well as a series of educational activities for the students, which include:

  • Cooking Seminars
  • Field visits to HAPO members’ fish farms

This effort began in December 2019 with two seminars curated by HAPO’s “brand ambassador”, cook Yiannis Bourodimos, who spoke to the students about the benefits of aquaculture and, with the help of volunteers, prepared recipes with the 4 kinds of “Fish from Greece” fish: sea bream, pagrus, meagre and sea bass.