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The current Policy provides information regarding the way the Organization processes cookies, as well as information regarding the user’s rights on the use of cookies.

Please read the following information carefully. Your access to the website entails the acceptance of the current Cookies Policy. If you do not accept the current Policy, do not make any further use of the web pages of this website.

Cookies’ Use

What are Cookies?

Cookies are information files which are sent through a web server (in this case the website) to your web browser, saved in your computer and checked by the server at every visit to the website.

Why use them Cookies?

Cookies are used for the facilitation and right surfing to the website. Also, they serve statistical purposes, enabling the identification of the web session that you have used, the improvement and update of the website’s usage procedures.

Types of Cookies

«Temporary cookies»- they are placed exclusively in the user’s computer memory and they are eliminated once you close the web browser. Their use is restricted exclusively to the transmission of temporary data identification, consisting of random numbers which the server itself produces and which are essential for the safe and effective surfing to the website.

We apply tools that use cookies for monitoring purposes, internet statistics and advertising procedures. These tools include:

Google AdWords, for advertising procedures, Google Analytics, monitoring purposes and internet statistics.

These tools use cookies in order to allow us to collect anonymous information regarding the web pages that you visit and the way you use our website. This helps us improve your future surfing experience. For example, cookies collect information regarding the web pages you visited, the number of your visits, and the program you used.

«Third party cookies»- When you visit our website, you may see content from third parties, like a map that show you how to arrive to our offices. This is provided by Google through Google Maps. Also, we offer you the chance to share information through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+. When you add content, we keep you posted about information that we have carefully select and which is probably relative or interesting for you. However, this may include third parties’ web pages placing additional cookies to your device.

«Necessary»- Necessary cookies help the website’s usability, allowing basic functions like the surfing and the access to safe areas of the website. The webpage cannot function properly without these cookies.

«Commercial promotion cookies»- Commercial Promotion cookies are used for monitoring the website’s visitors. Their intention is to provide you with advertisements that are relevant and appealing to users and as a result more valuable for third publishers and advertisers.

List of cookies on our website

Cookie names Type of cookie First or Third party Can be blocked Session or Persistent Expiry Time Purpose

The website might have, from time to time, links to third parties’ websites. If you follow this kind of link in such a third party’s website, we advise you to consult the privacy policies, cookies, and management procedures, as none of these have been validated by us. Please check these policies before providing personal data to these websites.

For cookies that are used by Facebook, please check the management policies at the link below:

For cookies that are used by Instagram, please check the management policies at the link below:  

For cookies that are used by YouTube, please check the management policies at the link below:

For cookies that are used by Twitter, please check the management policies at the link below: 

Google Analytics uses cookies for the collection of information regarding how you use our website, in order to improve your future surfing experience. For example, it collects information regarding the web pages that you have visited, the number of sessions and the program you used.

For cookies that are used by Google Analytics, please check the management policies at the link below

How to manage my settings about cookies?

Most of web browsers are initially set to accept cookies. You can set your web browser, at any time, to accept all, some, or none of the cookies. In the last case, you will deactivate the use of some parts of the website. Additionally, you can set your preferences in your browser in a way so as to be informed every time a cookie is saved in your device. Please note that in case you deactivate the cookies, it is possible that you will not have the best possible, ordinary use of the website.

Change in the current Policy

The current Policy may change from time to time-in some cases due to new regulations that enter into force, updates, or new services provided by the Company. Therefore, we advise you to check regularly the current website.

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