Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility

HAPO Members have adopted the principles of the code of conduct of the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP), implementing all the technical recommendations and guidelines of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to produce high-nutritional-value foods with low environmental footprint. Furthermore, within the framework of significant policy initiatives at the European level to ensure food security and transition to more sustainable food production systems (such as the Green Deal, Farm to Fork, and others), they are committed to addressing all new challenges and creating value for industry workers, local communities, and the environment

Creating Value for Employees


HAPO members, share a common set of core values that promote fair treatment and safe working conditions for all industry workers. According to the latest available data, permanent direct employment stands at 3,600 individuals, while seasonal employment is estimated at nearly 350 individuals.

Health and Safety at Work

Employees are provided with all necessary personal protective equipment to minimize the risk of accidents at work. Safety protocols have been developed, and annual educational seminars on health and safety issues are conducted at the corporate level. Additionally, employees are encouraged to participate in Health and Safety training seminars provided by external organizations.

Business ethics and human rights in the workplace

The employees are covered by employment contracts that ensure the provisions and rights of the National General Collective Agreement. Members adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN, comply with relevant Greek legislation, and recognize the right of all workers to freely form and participate in groups to promote and defend their professional interests. All activities are conducted without discrimination based on race, nationality, ethnic or other origin, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, or any other characteristic. Additionally, companies respect the right to privacy and comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

Professional training and education

Employees are encouraged and supported to pursue postgraduate studies and diplomas relevant to the activities and needs of their companies. Scientific staff and technicians alike are encouraged to attend educational seminars and conferences in Greece and the EU-27 related to all aquaculture activities.

Creation of Value for the Environment and Society

Health and Safety of Consumers

The primary goal of the industry is to produce nutritious, healthy, and high-quality food for human consumption. HAPO Members strictly adhere to rigorous quality specifications throughout the farming and management of the final product, as mandated by national and European legislation. In addition to regulatory requirements, Members ensure the quality of the products they offer to consumers by following a set of best practices (use of non-genetically modified raw materials, continuous monitoring of the farming process, ongoing quality controls of broodstock, fish feed, and final products, environmental monitoring, traceability systems).

Environment and Society

HAPO has developed a consistent Environmental and Social Responsibility Program in the areas where its members operate, with consistent, original, responsible actions of social and environmental content, according to the needs of the local community, strengthening ties with communities, and improving the living standards of residents. Actions are developed in areas such as cleanliness of seas and coasts, education and training of young people through scholarships, health of employees and their relatives, support for local sports teams and clubs, and proper nutrition for both children and adults through the provision of fresh Fish from Greece to Social Groceries and adult and youth facilities.

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