Collaboration of HAPO with the WeSwim swimming team

September 2021

The WeSwim swimming team enjoys a day in the crystal-clear waters of Argolis, next to the aquaculture farms of “Karharias Mitsakos Aquaculture”.


“Swimming and learning about fresh Greek farmed fish”- This was the message for the first Gastro-Swim event, organized by HAPO on Saturday September 4th, 2021, in Vivari, just outside Nafplion, in collaboration with the social, non-competitive swimming team WeSwim.

The sea, where Greek aquaculture fish grow in accordance with strict European standards, is HAPO’s home, and is also a second home for the swimmers of WeSwim. The goal of this swimming event, therefore, was to highlight the richness of Greece’s seas, the crystal-clear quality of its waters, and finally the fact that aquaculture and tourism can coexist harmoniously.

After completing a 2km route in the Vivari Bay, the swimmers were transported by boat to Platia Island, where the fish farming units of HAPO Member “Karharias Mitsakos Aquaculture” are located. There, by swimming near the fisheries, they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the natural environment of aquaculture fish and learn more about the breeding process, fish feed, and the welfare and quality standards that are followed, by the unit’s Ichthyologist. Following the visit to the farming units, WeSwim team members enjoyed a delicious meal of fresh sea bream and sea bass, courtesy of “Karharias Mitsakos Aquaculture”, at “Boreli” fish tavern, in Vivari. The day ended with a relaxing walk in the scenic, old town of Nafplion.