Greek aquaculture fish thrives in the Italian market

February 2022

Greek aquaculture fish thrives in the Italian market and social media

HAPO partners up with popular Italian chefs and influencers

For the past two years, the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) has been implementing a comprehensive, multi-level communication program in Italy, the largest market for Greek fish farming exports absorbing 32% of the domestic production of sea bream and sea bass. The program aims to highlight the unique characteristics of Greek aquaculture fish which grow in our country’s crystal-clear waters, under the strictest European standards, and are fed with fully balanced GMO-free fish feed.

In this framework, in 2021, HAPO collaborated with 7 popular Italian chefs, food bloggers and influencers who, through original posts, stories, recipes and videos, conveyed the freshness, unparalleled quality, taste and high nutritional value of Fish from Greece.

Specifically, HAPO maintained its partnership with famous Italian chef and TV presenter, Simone Rugiati(ambassador of Greek fish farming in Italy), for the 2nd consecutive year. Rugiati presented his audience with elegant and innovative Fish from Greece dishes, such as “Mangianza”, “mangiare + abbondanza” (eng. eat + abundance), which combines all 5 types of Greek aquaculture fish, raw and cooked.

In addition, we collaborated with up-and-coming chefs, such as Federico Fusca and Simone Finetti, who stand out for their ability to combine Greek and Italian flavors together with other various gastronomic traditions in their dishes. Both the cheese pies with sea bream fillet by Federico Fusca, and the baked sea bass with yogurt and spices by Simone Finetti fascinated even the most selective food connoisseurs.

The team of Italian Fish from Greece ambassadors was also joined by renowned influencers and bloggers, Aurora Cavallo – Cooker Girl cooking student and Ivana Ester Marra – Studenti Ai Fornelli former student, with a passion for cooking, Maria Sole – Marysol_life, teacher and mother of Noah, and the five-member Veronese family – notordinaryfamily who, through fun recipes, made Greek aquaculture fish an integral part of the daily family table.

With their creativity and content, Fish from Greece sea bream, sea bass, pagrus major, meagre and amberjack reached thousands of views and Italian homes with the push of a button!