3rd HAPO Gastro-Swim Event in Karystos

HAPO Gastro-swim event in Karystos

  • WeSwim swimmers dive near aquaculture fisheries


Saturday 15 October – The Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) invited the social, non-competitive swimming community WeSwim to Karystos, South Evvia, for the 3rd gastro-swim event. The group had the opportunity to swim near the cages of the fish farming company “Blue Farm” and then taste fresh aquaculture sea bream and sea bass in a local restaurant.

The aim of the culinary-swimming events, implemented in collaboration with WeSwim, is to highlight the purity and clarity of the sea in areas of Greek aquaculture and the freshness, taste, high quality, and nutritional value of fish produced by HAPO member-companies.

In each gastro-swim, swimmers discovered the natural environment in which Greek aquaculture fish live and grow and the biodiversity of the marine environment surrounding the pens. They are informed on stages of thebreeding process, from farm to fork, as well as the sustainable practices of Greek aquaculture, that guarantee protection of the sea and a low environmental footprint. The events always conclude with a fish tasting at a local tavern, where participants enjoyed fresh Greek aquaculture fish.


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