5th Cooking Seminar inspired by world cuisine

5th Fish from Greece Cooking Academy seminar inspired by world cuisine at LE MONDE


Monday 19 December.

The Hellenic Organization of Aquaculture Producers (HAPO) held the 5th Fish from Greece Cooking Academy at LE MONDE educational group in the context of providing information and training on Greek Aquaculture fish tο new chefs.

The interactive cooking seminar themed “Greek aquaculture fish in world cuisine” was  executed by Executive Chef Dimitra Panagiotopoulou and with the participation of the students, 4 recipes were created with influences from 4 different parts of the world, incorporating specialized techniques and aromas from Asia:

– Meagre and miso soup – from Japan

– Iceberg rolls with meagre in sweet and sour sauce – from Indonesia

– Oven-baked pagrus major with oyster and black bean sauce – from China

– Fajitas with sea bass, vegetables, and spicy sauce – from Mexico

Fresh Greek aquaculture fish from HAPO member companies was used in all the dishes prepared during the seminar, while it is worth noting that, for the past two years, HAPO is offering free of charge all fish Le Monde requires for its culinary training courses.


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