Over 500 young men and women aged 15-29 participated in the open interactive workshop organized by Blue Generation on the topic of “Employment Opportunities in the Blue Economy.” The event took place at the War Museum in Athens on Thursday, May 11, 2023, with the aim of facilitating direct interaction and contact between young people and professionals in the blue economy, education, and sustainable development.

Key topics highlighted during the workshop included:

  • In-demand professions that require different levels of specialization, such as Software Engineer in the development of applications for Shipping and Yachting, Sailor in marina management, Diver or Sales and Marketing Executive in Aquaculture, Pipefitter or Welder in Shipbuilding and maintenance, Legal expert in ship inspection regulations and maritime spatial planning, Warehouse Manager in port management, Environmentalist in the design of offshore wind farms, Biologist in the development of cosmetics from marine organisms.
  • Sustainable development as a fundamental pillar of the blue economy, with professionals across all sectors being urged to understand and incorporate its goals into their activities.
  • Soft skills, such as resilience, teamwork, communication skills, a desire for continuous learning, and personal characteristics fostered through volunteering, practical training, and experimentation, were identified as important factors for finding employment and achieving professional success.

HAPO was represented by Ms. Ioanna-Alexia Betsi, Chief People Officer of the company Philosofish. Among other things, Ms. Betsi spoke about job prospects in the aquaculture sector, stating, “It is very important, and it is the purpose for which we exist, to promote the well-being of our people, our employees, our customers, and of course, our environment, our seas.” She added, “We differentiate ourselves as a company; I represent Philosofish, the second largest in Europe and fifth in the world, in the development of our people. We want to be a nursery where people can enter, discover and showcase their talents, and we will help them choose their next steps”


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