Career opportunities in aquaculture: 3rd BlueTALK

Career opportunities in Aquaculture, one of the main topics of the 3rd blueTALK – with the participation of HAPO


The 3rd blueTALK was held on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, by Militos Consulting SA within the framework of BlueGeneration Project Greece.

The aim of BlueGeneration Project is to attract and engage young people between 15 and 29 years and introduce them to the sustainable career opportunities in Blue Economy in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Poland.

Ismini Bogdanou, Director of Communications & Public Relations, represented the Hellenic Organization of Aquaculture Producers (HAPO) in the discussions concerning the

employment prospects in Greek Aquaculture.

Other participants included Mr. Savvas Smyrnakis, Ichthyologist, President of Fish Merchants of the Piraeus Fish Market, and Mr. Nikos Therapalis, Enaleia Director of Politics and Economics.

The event was broadcasted live on BlueGeneration Project’s Facebook page.



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