Career Opportunities in Aquaculture: New Blue Focus

Career opportunities for young people in Aquaculture, the fastest growing industry of Blue Economy, was the main topic of the Blue Focus with the participation of HAPO


11 January 2023. The new Blue Focus was hosted by Militos Consulting SA within the framework of the BlueGeneration Project Greece.

The aim of BlueGeneration Project is to attract, introduce and engage young people between 15 and 29 years to career opportunities in the Blue Economy in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Poland.

The speakers were Mrs. Danai Arampatzi, Ichthyologist at GalaxidiMarine Farm and Dr. Elena Golomazou, Associate Professor at the Department of Agriculture, Icthyology and Aquatic Environment University of Thessaly.

Dr. Elena Golomazou emphasized that Greek aquaculture has a great employment prospect, combining working environment and proximity from home to work. She emphasized the constant demand for highly qualified workers, due to the wide range of sciences applied to the aquaculture industry in fields such as environmental science, biology, ichthyology, finance, marketing, sales, quality assurance, HR and others.

Mrs. Danai Arampatzi talked about how she started and developed her professional path. She emphasized that the sector has great employment prospects, due to presence in 10 out of 13 regions in Greece. Finally, she mentioned the fact that 70% of the earth is covered by water justifies the variety of fields and sectors for employment in the Aquaculture industry.



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