Fish From Greece Cooking Academy at Le Monde with chef Pavlos Sfikakis May 2023


Tuesday 9 May- The 7th seminar of the now recognized and much anticipated Fish from Greece Cooking Academy @ Le Monde, featured the acclaimed and talented private dining chef Pavlos Sfikakis (@pepper&sugar). Pavlos, only 28 years old, prepared and presented 4 signature fish recipes to the students, using perfect ingredients especially seabream, sea bass, meagre and pagrus major labelled Fish from Greece, produced by the members of HAPO.

The demonstration representing the chef’s own career in gastronomy was themed “From Job Searching at 18 to Private Chef at 28 – Ten Creative Years Through Four Recipes!”

HAPO is dedicated to pursuing the partnership with “Le Monde Institute for Hotel and Tourism Studies”, providing students with the freshest Greek farmed fish, to ensure that all culinary lessons maintain the high standard of perfect quality and wholesome flavor.

It is a joy to contribute to the education of young and aspiring new chefs.


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