HAPO at the Marine and Inland Waters Research Symposium 2022

September 16-19, Porto Cheli. HAPO sponsors the Marine and Inland Waters Research Symposium 2022.


The Hellenic Marine Research Center (HMRC) organized a symposium, with the support of the HMRC Researchers’ Union and the Panhellenic Employees’ Union, with the aim of exchanging ideas and knowledge between researchers active in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the neighboring areas.

In the context of the conference’s round table titled: “Healthy marine environment and Development: Can they coexist?”, Mrs. Katerina Lytra, Senior Veterinarian & Aquaculture Specialist and HAPO’s Scientific Associate, gave a lecture on “Aquaculture’s environmental impact and the safety of the final product”. In her speech she pointed out that today many aquaculture production systems and technologies are moving towards sustainable development, considering the right balance between respect for the environment, food safety, and the socioeconomic landscape. Like all farming, aquaculture has a direct interaction with the environment, which is highly related to location and environmental and rearing conditions. The evaluation of the critical environmental parameters that may affect the safety of the final product is done using the risk analysis method.

With over 200 delegates, the Symposium was also honored by the presence of the Mayor of Hermioni, Dimitris Georgopoulos, and the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of Hermioni, Angeliki Loumi.

HAPO’s participation in the Symposium is part of a broader strategic collaboration with the country’s scientific and academic community for the implementation of a multitude of research programs. HAPO recently signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with HCMR, with the main objective of exchanging expertise and promoting sustainable aquaculture activities, while protecting Greek seas and reducing environmental impacts .


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