HAPO: honorary distinction for “Ark of the World” contribution

HAPO receives honorary distinction for “Ark of the World” contribution


Thursday, 18 August, HAPO, fulfilling the desire of the children hosted in the Ark’s homes, installed basketball and volleyball sports equipment in Pogoniani and Konitsa, respectively. Additionally, HAPO regularly offers fresh Greek aquaculture fish for the healthy, nutritious diet of the children.

During a celebration organized by the kids at the home of ARK of the WORLD in Pogoniani to honor the Organization, the families, and the sponsors, Mr. Ioannis Hekimoglou, General Secretary for HAPO, received the honorary plaque for HAPO’s support.

Present at the event were Father Antonios, priest and founder of the Ark of the World, the Organization’s governing body, local authorities and sponsors who also received honorary plaques for their contribution.

HAPO was also represented by Director of Communication and Public Relations, Mrs. Ismini Bogdanou.



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