HAPO, MEVGAL, NOMIKOS & KROP support the “Ark of the World”

HAPO, MEVGAL, D. NOMIKOS and KROP join forces to support the “Ark of the World” Accommodation homes of Pogoniani and Konitsa.

  • At the initiative of HAPO, basketball and volleyball equipment was installed at the two accommodation homes
  • The participating companies offered balls, dairy products, canned tomatoes, fruits

The Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) on Thursday, February 3, responded to the wish of 45 children hosted in the two structures of the “Ark of the World”, in the Prefecture of Ioannina, and placed basketball and volleyball equipment in Pogoniani and Konitsa.

In addition, HAPO secured the participation of MEVGAL that donated the balls and dairy products, D. Nomikos that donated canned tomato products and KROP that donated fresh oranges and mandarins

HAPO will be offering fresh Greek aquaculture fish on a yearly basis

The events were attended by Mr. Ioannis Hekimoglou, General Secretary of the Board of HAPO, Mr. Stefanos Dimas, HAPO Board Member, Ms. Ismini Bogdanou Director of Communication and Public Relations, and Dimitris Theodoridis, Sales Inspector for MEVGAL.


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