HAPO organizes second port cleanup at Vonitsa

– Divers, local fish farm volunteers and the Aktio-Vonitsa Municipality joined the cause


In response to the request made by the Aktio-Vonitsa Municipality, the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) organized and led the clean-up of the scenic Vonitsa port, a tourist attraction of great beauty and historical weight. The event took place on Friday, April 16, 2021, with several volunteers from a diving group and a local fish farm – HAPO Member, who helped out in ridding the port of plastic and other litter, and thus significantly improving the water quality.

The event was attended by Georgios Apostolakis, Aktio-Vonitsa Mayor; Dimitrios Vitsas, President of the Municipal Port Fund; Andreas Kalantzis, Member of the Municipal Council; Angeliki Saliari, Press Office Manager; and finally, Christos Hasakis and Kostas Masouras, President and Vice President of the Vonitsa Township. On behalf of HAPO, the event was led by Charalampos Kontonasios, Stefanos Kaltsonis, and Ismini Bogdanou, HAPO’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

Ismini Bogdanou stated: “For all of us at HAPO, the sea is our home, where Greek farmed fish are raised under the strictest quality controls. We are particularly sensitive to all issues related to the protection of the environment and the ecosystem that lies in and around the sea. Clean and beautiful ports attract more visitors and help local businesses grow. For HAPO, aquaculture and tourism go hand-in-hand in helping increase our country’s GDP.”

HAPO has developed a comprehensive Environmental and Social Responsibility program that includes both port and seabed clean-ups all across Greece, especially in areas where its 23 Members are active, as well as fresh farmed fish donations to people in need, through partnerships with non-governmental organizations and social markets.

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