HAPO press conference: “Extroversion a priority”

Extroversion a priority for the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization


The certification of HAPO’s 21 member-fisheries with the Private Certification Protocol “Fish from Greece”, which allows their products to be tagged “Fish from Greece” (the collective brand introduced by HAPO last year), marks the beginning of an era of extroversion for HAPO.

In a press conference held in Athens last week, HAPO’s President, Apostolos Touralias, announced the launch of an ambitious promotional initiative for 2019-2020, that focuses on both the local and the Italian markets; Italy absorbs a significant percentage of HAPO members’ exports.

Transparency is the central concept of HAPO’s communication strategy behind the promotional campaign that is currently unfolding in Greece and Italy: the unique transparency of the Greek sea and the transparent principles and practices of HAPO’s member-fisheries.

HAPO’s General Assembly, in early October, voted for the Organization’s action plan for the next three years which will focus on the gradual expansion of the promotional campaign to include new markets and the creation of Best Practices and innovative research and technology initiatives on animal welfare, human resources, environment and local communities.

Following the press conference journalists had the opportunity to taste original recipes prepared with Fish from Greece.

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