HAPO votes on a new Board of Directors during its General Assembly

Apostolos Touralias was Re-Elected as President

The Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization’s (HAPO) General Assembly, which took place on Monday, October 26, 2020, and was aimed at electing its leadership, voted on a new Board of Directors, which now comprises of the following members:


Apostolos Touralias – President
Nikolaos Lymperis – Vice President
Ioannis Hekimoglou – General Secretary
Lara Barazi Geroulanou – Member
Spiros Giannoulatos  – Member
Leonidas Kolioulis  – Member
Konstantinos Bokas  – Member
Anastasios Raftopoulos  – Member
Stefanos Dimas – Member

Substitute Members

Ioannis Kaloumenos – Substitute Member
Stavros Tokas – Substitute Member
Christos Mitsakos – Substitute Member


The new Board of Directors, whose term lasts for two years, will continue to foster HAPO’s goals, seeking to address the issues faced by the aquaculture industry due to Covid-19, and further Greek Aquaculture’s steps toward growth.

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