Informative Event “AOAD of Echinades & Aetoloakarnania, myths and reality”

Τhe Chamber of Aetoloakarnania, Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization and the Development of Echinades and Aetoloakarnania, all together organized at Astakos the informative event AOAD of Echinades & Aetoloakarnania, myths and reality. The event was attended by many employees from aquaculture companies in Aetoloakarnania, as well as representatives of the Avramar Workers’ Union who expressed their support for the efforts of the AOAD.

It was an event of great importance as the employees who are the soul of the aquaculture industry had the opportunity to be thoroughly informed, with official data from the State, about the process of designation and delimitation of the AOAD.

The event ended with the cutting of the traditional New Year’s Pita and a raffle with many prizes.

“The President of ELOPY, Mr. Apostolos Touralias, the President of POAV Aetoloakarnania, Mr. Konstantinos Bokas, members of the Board of Directors of AOAD, and representatives of aquaculture companies, attended the event.”


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