Second Gastro-Swim Event organized by HAPO

HAPO invites the WeSwim swimming community to dive into the crystal-clear waters of Salamina, at the “Argosaronikos Fish Farms”.


The second Gastro-Swim event organized by HAPO, in partnership with the social, non-competitive WeSwim swimming community, took place on Saturday October 2nd, 2021, in Salamina!

Once more, our common love of the sea brought us together with WeSwim swimmers, as they were given the opportunity to swim at the fisheries of HAPO member “Argosaronikos Fish Farms” and learn about the natural environment where Greek aquaculture fish live and grow. The richness, biodiversity, and clarity of the sea at the fish farm, prove how aquaculture, tourism, and the marine environment can coexist harmoniously.

The WeSwim community was warmly greeted by Mrs. Hara Laina, Vice President and Sales Manager of “Argosaronikos Fish Farms”, who answered questions concerning fish feed, safety and welfare protocols and standards followed in every step of the development and packaging process.

At “Meltemi” fish tavern, at Kanakia beach, the swimmers were surprised by a gastronomical delight: fresh, grilled sea bream from “Argosaronikos Fish Farms”. The day ended with a beautiful walk in the lively town of Salamina.

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