Study on contemporary fish feed

Study on «Contemporary Fish Feed that Guarantee the Welfare and High Nutritional Value of Farmed Fish»


– From HAPO’s Technical Committee, in partnership with prominent scientists and scholars

Aiming at the advancement of Greek aquaculture and the development of directives that promote best practices within each sector in the industry, the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) partnered with the Academic and Scientific communities to publish a cutting-edge study, titled “Contemporary Fish Feed that Guarantee the Welfare and High Nutritional Value of Farmed Fish.”

HAPO partnered with Dimitrios Barkas, an agronomist expert on fish nutrition; Nafsika Karakatsouli, associate professor at the Agricultural University of Athens, and Leonidas Papaharisis, ichthyologist (TE, MPhil) and member of HAPO’s Technical Committee.

This study addresses key consumer questions on what farmed fish are fed with. The lack of widespread knowledge on fish feed is often linked to the lack of public trust exhibited towards aquaculture fish. This study details comprehensive information on fish feed production and composition within Greek aquaculture, and targets relevant professionals, such as dietitians, traders, caterers and physicians, as well as consumer groups interested in learning more about the needs of farmed fish at different stages of their development, and the ingredients that make up fish feed.

Leonidas Papaharisis notably said: “The welfare and health of farmed fish is a noble duty. HAPO has always maintained as a top priority its sustainable development practices, fish welfare and the protection of the environment. With the publication of this study, we renew our commitment to producing high-quality fish that have excellent nutritional value.”

As a reminder, in collaboration with the University of Crete’s Biology Department, HAPO recently published the Mediterranean Fish Welfare Guide, which was certified by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food, and now serves as a national directive on aquaculture practices.

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