Production & Marketing Plan

In May 2018, HAPO was recognized as a Producer Organization according to Ministerial Decision No. 397/18235/2017, as amended and in force, and since then, based on the provisions of Regulation (EU) 1379/2013 and Ministerial Decision No. 123/22078/4.2.2019, it prepares the Production and Marketing Plan (PMP) of the Organization, which, once approved by the competent national authorities, proceeds to its implementation. Currently, the approved PMP 2024-2025 of the organization is being implemented.

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Co-financing of the Multifaceted Action Network of HAPO

The current Operational Programme for the Period 2024-2025 (PMP 2024-2025) is a continuation of the approved Operational Programmes for the Period 2018-2019, 2020-2021, and 2022-2023 of HAPO. It mainly focuses on measures and actions for the strategic development of better marketing of the production, preparation, and conduct of campaigns for product promotion, and improvement of product placement conditions in the market. Additionally, HAPO collaborates with the Scientific and Academic community of the country for conducting studies and codes of good practices in implementing international aquaculture standards. It is noteworthy that the Operational Programmes for the Period 2018-2019, 2020-2021, and the actions of 2022 of the 2022-2023 Operational Programme were co-financed under Measure 3.4.1. "Production and Marketing Plans," of the Operational Programme for Fisheries and the Sea (OPFS) 2014-2020 (corresponding MIS codes of funded Actions: 5052049, 5161465, 5201382), while for the actions of the year 2023 of the 2022-2023 Operational Programme, HAPO has submitted a funding request (MIS 6005064) under Action 2.2.1 "Production and Marketing Plans" of the Programme "Fisheries, Aquaculture, and the Sea (FAS)" which is under evaluation.

Ανακαλύψτε το Σχέδιο Παραγωγής & Εμπορίας της ΕΛΟΠΥ για προώθηση, διαχείριση και ανάπτυξη στον τομέα της ιχθυοκαλλιέργειας.

For efficient coordination and planning of production, as well as ensuring that supply meets demand, the Organization takes measures aimed at:

• Promoting institutional reforms outlined in the Multiannual National Strategic Plan for the development of aquaculture, with an emphasis on establishing Aquaculture Production and Marketing Organizations (APMO).

• Improving available information among Organization members for better production and sales planning of main commercial species, facilitating rational production planning. 

• Participating in joint working groups with producers from other European and third countries to exchange information on supply and demand trends in the markets of main commercial species. 


Developing and disseminating sustainable aquaculture practices, such as producing new species, environmental monitoring of Aquaculture Production and Marketing Organizations (APMO), and more effective management of cultivated fish stocks.

• Creating a national identity “Fish From Greece” for the products of its members.

Additionally, the Organization designs and implements a marketing strategy that includes measures such as:

• Identifying market requirements regarding quantity, quality, and product presentation.

• Exploring new markets and other commercial opportunities for its members.

• Facilitating dialogue and coordination with other stakeholders in the supply chain.

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