Black Block

By Simone Rugiati

Serves 4


1kg Meagre
2 dl of Evo Oil for oil firing (reusable)
4 sheets of rice paper
1 red onion
1 light and firm courgette
20gr desalted capers
100gr romanesque cabbage
1 lime
300ml water
100ml white vinegar
30gr sugar
q.b. vegetable carbon powder


Bring water, sugar and vinegar to the boil, peel the onion, cut it into slices and dip it in the sweet-and-sour solution for 4 minutes.

Let it cool in water and ice to stop cooking and fix the colour. Remove the transparent film inside the segments, which is not very digestible, and cut into pieces. Share the cabbage into very small florets, bleach it for 10 seconds and cool it in water and ice; only the green of the courgettes are taken and cut into cubes, add all the vegetables with capers, lime peel (if you like little juice, it will cook the fish), a thread of oil and a pinch of salt.

Thread the meagre, obtain from the fillets 4 rectangles in the dorsal part (thicker than the fillet), with the rest of the pulp make a fine cube tartare and season it with the mix of vegetables prepared in advance.

Cook the meagre fillets in Evo Oil at a temperature of 80 degrees, it will take approximately 12/15 minutes.

While the meagre cooks moisten the sheets of rice paper in cold water, it will take 10 seconds, fill them with tartare and close them in a bag.

Arrange the rice bags on the plate, sprinkle them with charcoal and serve at side the drained and warm meagre fillet with a pinch of salt flakes.