Grilled Meagre baked in parchment paper

With sweet potatoes and fennel - By Yannis Bourodimos



1 FFG Meagre (1kg+) in 4 fillets
2 sweet potatoes, some 400gr total
1 fennel
Olive oil
Salt, Pepper


We fillet the Meagre, or we purchase it already filleted. We cut two fillets from each side of the fish, and put those in the fridge.

We place the sweet potatoes in a pot filled with cold water, and boil them on a stove until they’re done cooking. In the meantime, we wash off the fennel by removing its leaves. We also remove any green “spots.”

We cut the fennel in half and remove the middle, hard part with a knife. We cut each side in two parts. Using a sharp knife or a mandolin, we slice the fennel thinly. We place the slices in a lightly oil-padded bowl, until we prepare the rest of the ingredients. We add salt and pepper for flavor.

When the potatoes are finished cooking, we wash them off and slice them thinly (4-5mm each slice). We mix them in a bowl with some olive oil, salt and pepper.

We cut 2 square sheets of parchment paper for each person dining, and place one on top of the other. In between the two sheets, we alternately use sweet potatoes and fennel for the filling. We place the fish on top of those.

We sprinkle some dill, salt and pepper, and pour olive oil and a tablespoon of tsipouro on each fillet. We seal off the “packs,” and grill them in a preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius, for 20-30 minutes each.

We serve the dish hot.