Meagre Fish ’n Chips

By Simone Rugiati

Serves 4


125 gr flour “00”
50 gr bran
12,5 gr cornstarch
3.7 gr baking powder
300 gr very cold sparkling water
Meagre 150 gr
Purple potatoes 80 gr
American potatoes 50 gr
Panko bread
Parsley some leaves
Peanut seed oil for frying q.s.
Salt q.s.
Maldon Salt


Peel the purple and American potatoes and cut some thin slices with a “mandolina”. Cut the American with a knife and soak them all togetherin plenty of water, changing it two or three times and turning them from time to time.

Bring the frying oil to a temperature of around 140° and gently fry the potatoes, making sure they do not darken too much. Let them drain on absorbent paper and salt them.

Clean and debone the meagre, divide it into three fillets of about 50 grams each, then pass them in the batter and then in panko bread, making the bread stick well on the surface of the fillets. Fry in seed oil at about 180° for four minutes and monitor browning.

Wash the parsley, drying the leaves well, fry it immediately after the meagre for a few seconds and let them all drain with the fish on a sheet of absorbent paper and salt them with a little Maldon salt.

Serve the meagre on a bed of purple potato chips, with a tuft of crispy American potato threads and some fried parsley leaves.