Sea Bream Tartar

With a paprika & truffle sauce - by Miltos Yiannou

Serves 4


4 Sea bream, 500gr each
2 lemons, both juice and zest
3gr fleur de sel
4gr crushed pepper
1 Florina pepper (sweet red capsicum)
5gr wakame seaweed
Baby arugula
Olive oil

For the sauce

30gr mayonnaise
30gr smoked paprika
5gr truffle oil
A little water


Remove scales, gills and entrails from the fish and fillet them into two fillets per fish. Dice fillets into 1 cm cubes and place them in a basin.

Add the fleur de sel, crushed pepper, lemon juice and zest, olive oil and Florina (red) pepper, also diced, into the basin. Pour the mayo, paprika and truffle oil sauce over the rest of the ingredients and set the tartar on a plate using a cooking ring.

Place the baby arugula leaves on top of the tartar and decorate the edges of the plate with wakame seaweed.