Crispy tyropitakia with sea bream fillet, feta, potatoes & herbs

By Federico Fusca

Sea bream

Fried fish

2 portions


1 sea bream Fish from Greece (800g)

200g Greek feta

200g potatoes

1 egg

1 roll of phyllo pastry

black sesame seeds to taste

wild fennel to taste

Salt to taste

EVO oil to taste

Sea bream

Fried fish


Scale and fillet the gilthead sea bream starting from the back to the tail, cutting off the gills. We clean and rinse it well, then we cut the meat into “big pieces”, we brown it in a non-stick pan with a little EVO oil and some previously boiled potatoes. After a few minutes of cooking, season with salt and pepper.

For the filling, take the Greek feta, cut it into big cubes and put it in a bowl, mix it with our potato and sea bream filling and flavour it with a little wild fennel.

We now prepare rectangles of phyllo pastry. Moisten the dough with water and make small triangles, which we stuff with the potato, feta, sea bream and wild fennel filling. We close them on all sides and finally brush them with an egg and cover them with black sesame seeds as desired.

We bake them at 180° for 10 minutes, until they are golden and crispy with a fragrant and creamy filling. We serve.


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