Pagrus Major all’ acqua pazza


Fried fish

2 portions


2 fillets of pagro maggiore Fish from Greece (800g)

100ml white wine

50g taggiasche olives

150gr cherry tomatoes

1 bunch of parsley



EVO oil to taste


Fried fish


Rinse the fish under running water, take a chopping board and start cleaning it with a fish scaler or alternatively a spoon or knife from the tail towards the head with light pressure and repeat the movement several times; fillet the fish and then proceed with the filleting.

Pour some EVO oil into a non-stick frying pan over high heat and sear the two fillets, first on the skin side and then on the flesh side.

Immediately deglaze with white wine and add half a glass of water to create a “guazzetto”. Finally, add the cherry tomatoes and olives.

Cook the fish after about 5 minutes. Remove the fish from the cooking water and leave it to dry on a separate plate.

Once the cooking water is well drained, heat the fish with the ready-to-use sauce and add the chopped parsley.

For the mise en place, pour one or two ladles of the stew onto the plate and arrange the fillets in the center, leaving the skin side up, cut some fresh cherry tomatoes to decorate the fillet, add a few olives and parsley leaves to taste. We serve.

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